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My Ketamine Home

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October - July 2021


An 86% bounce rate hindered My Ketamine Home's ability to grow to their full potential. ODi7 was hired to redesign their website and provide a smoother and overall optimal user experience for their users.


Once the project completed, bounce rate was down 45%, customer acquisition was up 10x and, consequently, revenue growth was multiplied by 6x.

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My Ketamine Home provides a clinical at-home oral Ketamine Program to combat depression, anxiety, and trauma by improving your neuroplasticity.

New Homepage

To fully understand the reason why My Ketamine Home suffered a high bounce rate, we had to deploy a large amount of research. Combined with best UX practices, a comprehensive research program was implemented from a database of users and non-users.

This also allowed us to work in close collaboration with the Marketing Department, which provided invaluable insight into creating the best possible user experience for My Ketamine Home's clients.

Measuring success was easily defined by the metrics. We had to bring down the bounce rate, and we had committed to work on this project until we had brought it back within the global average.

The Research

Several research documents and processes were carried out to identify what factors had the most impact on My Ketamine Home's website:

  • A Competitive Analysis
  • A Heuristic Evaluation following to the NNGroup's best usability heuristics
  • The creation of several personas in collaboration with the Head of Marketing
Competitive analysis for My Ketamine Home

User Data

With the personas drafted and the list of users and non-users supplied by the Marketing Department, we were ready to proceed to the gathering of some user data.

We carried out 3 sets of 4 user interviews with My Ketamine's Home's users in Florida. This implied taking some calls at 3am Sydney time, which was frankly, quite fun, the brain is processing information differently at night and the thinking process is quite different, which led the user interviews to great results. For clarity as well as for their own future uses, we recorded and handed out the user interviews to My Ketamine Home after the project.

  1. One set of interviews took place to fully grasp a deep understanding of the problems and frustrations the users might be encountering on the initial website.
  2. One set of interviews took place after the first building of our mid-fidelity prototype, to validate some of our hypothesis.
  3. The third set of interviews took place after the high-fidelity prototype was finalized, to make sure the course we had set was properly followed.

After each prototype, we made sure to validate our hypothesis by a set of user interviews, as well as another round of Heuristic Evaluation from one of our peers.

Heuristic Evaluation for one of our prototype

The results from our research revealed massive problems in a few areas, namely:

  • The abundance of copy, as well as the scientific jargon employed, made the website unreadable to the user.
  • The lack of consistency in the use of CTAs confused the user.
  • The lack of responsiveness made the site hardly accessible, especially when more than half of the users used iPad or iPhones at night.
  • Some assets would cause poor performance (loading times) or poor optimization (clicking twice on the "Play" button to read a video for instance)

Brand Identity & UI Design

When it came to brand identity & UI design, we decided to follow the same approach. The UX data fueled the UI design direction, while keeping the same goal to reduce the bounce rate and increase user engagement.

We also worked closely with My Ketamine Home in creating a cohesive brand identity that stayed consistent across all touch points, including social media, website, and other marketing efforts.

Long-term Involvement

After the success of project together, My Ketamine Home experienced a drop of roughly 40-45% in their bounce rate. Their customer growth acquisition went up by 10x and their revenue by 6x. They opened up new services in Colorado, Texas and California and increased their team size considerably.

They solicited our services again for a new line of product to be released soon.