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Brand Designer
Web Designer


TOQQA approached us to design their website, brand identity, and content strategy so that users will understand the mission of TOQQA and invest in the intuitive platform the company offers. They aimed to build a Super App solution for B2B provides micro-small entrepreneurs with a low-cost way to manage their commercial operations and access other services on the platform.


After completion of the project, TOQQA managed to secure the help of AIPAC in growing their their business to the Asia Pacific region!

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TOQQA aims to empower the Micro-Small Enterprises (MSEs) around the world by providing digital connectivity, to enable and expand opportunities.

ODi7 started working with TOQQA from a very early stage. The main objective was to build an audience and to make their future users understand TOQQA's mission and goals.

Designing an Identity System

We worked closely with TOQQA in creating a brand identity that would link all the moving bits together into a cohesive brand story.

Designing TOQQA's Brand Identity

UX Research & UI Design

Market research revealed a massive segment that has been left behind as society progresses to a cashless, digital system.

We conducted User Research to address the needs and assumptions of the sector. 

Through various usability testing sessions, we gathered enough data to inform the UI design direction and ensuring ease of use for the tech illiterate found in the lower socioeconomic locations and communities.

The challenge here was to balance adequately two of TOQQA's needs: As stated, we had to ensure the ease of use for potential tech illiterate users as well as remaining appealing to a wider demographic of users in the Asia-Pacific region.

TOQQA's header

UX Writing

We wanted to provide potential customers – both B2B and direct – with product and service information that clearly communicated the benefits and compelled them to explore TOQQA further.

The Design Sprint

The initial prototype was taken through design sprints based on the discovery of a huge segment in the MSE market that desperately needed better opportunities to participate in global value chains.