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Launchpad Consulting

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Brand Designer
UX Researcher
November 2021 - March 2022


Launchpad solicited our services to establish a brand and website that would evoke immediate quality in the eyes of their users. They sought to differentiate themselves from their competitors while keeping a touch of their previous brand identity.


Once the brand established and the website built, Launchpad was able to redirect its flow of potential users directly to its website, increasing their traffic, customer acquisition, and revenue.

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Launchpad is a Hubspot implementation partner, aiming to facilitate CX by identifying and automating the tedious parts of their clients' user flow.

Launchpad solicited our assistance to rework their old website into something which would give their users a premium feel.

Launchpad wanted to convey a story through a very graphic and UI-heavy website. We had to make sure that, while the UI work would establish the premium feel, we could still implement best UX practices to make sure users would not get confused or lost in the page.

Competitive Analysis

Given the nature of Launchpad's request, we wanted to understand the environment in which the website would compete. Therefore, we carried out a competitive analysis, completed heuristic evaluations for everyone of Launchpad's competitor in Australia as well as in the United States.

Discovery - UX

To not base our designs solely on a competitive analysis e conducted several discovery sessions with Launchpad to go as deep as possible into who their clients are, understanding their pain points, their journey leading up to contacting Launchpad... From this point, we drafted two kinds of personas:

  • The persona Launchpad was serving at the time.
  • The persona Launchpad wanted to attract after the project.
Defining the first stage of the personas

Some of Launchpad's personas

Brand Identity

Reworking the old website was the end goal, but given the importance of UI in this project, we had to make sure to establish a proper design system as a foundation to building the website.

Thus, we went through colours, typography, logo usage, tone of voice, photography use, grids, buttons... everything needed to make sure the brand coherency would be respected throughout all touch points of the brand.

The UX data gathered through the personas fuelled the branding direction. We wanted to build a brand that would connect with Launchpad's future users and would allow our clients to dissociate themselves from the competition. In order to give some breathing room to the marketing design and graphic design, we dissociated expressive and productive colours, allowing Launchpad to produce content for different context while still building their brand identity.

Productive/Expressive colours from the Launchpad Design System

Information Architecture & UX Writing

Once the brand established in accordance to the personas drafted, we had to make sure the users could navigate the website and find what they sought immediately.

This implied working on two elements together:

  1. The information architecture: Making sure users could navigate the website and immediately finding the information they're after was our main priority. One of our challenge was to make sure we found ingenious ways to make long content readable and not clash with the UI to attract the user's attention. In most cases, we worked to combine the copy and the UI together, to avoid fighting for the user's attention.
  2. The UX writing needed for some of the copy: Launchpad wanted to make sure they were dissociated from their competition. Through our competitive analysis and personas, we thought there was a fine balance to strike. We had to ditch the highly-technical marketing jargon, which could be detrimental to understanding some of the copy, while still conveying Launchpad's expertise in the field. In the end, user testing revealed that copy had to be legible and understandable rapidly for users to keep engaging with the different sections. In that regard, the UI and the copy were working hand-in-hand.

Once done, we tested the mid-fidelity wireframes with non-users matching our personas, validated our design, and moved forward.

Mid-fidelity prototype for Launchpad's service page


Once the design finalized, we began development through Webflow, making sure all the designs and animations were properly responsive.

Applying best UX practices, we are currently making sure Javascript, the images and other assets are not hindering performance when it comes to page load through Lighthouse.

Responsive view of Launchpad's website

Long-term involvement

After this project, Launchpad solicited our services to implement new pages to be added to their website soon.

Responsive website