April 30, 2022
5 mins

7 Helpful Tips for Killer Landing Pages

No Intro Let's Go!

Right off the bat, let's go get 7 tips for creating better copy for your landing page!

Benefits Outweigh Features

Readers don't care about how many million megapixels your phone is packing. Technical term don't speak English.

"Take a picture in the dark while there's no atmosphere on Saturn" reads much better than "480 Trillion Megapixels" to the average human.

Readers don't care about your product features. They care about what problems your product will solve for them. Instead of showing them features, show them what success looks like!

Use True Numbers

Use numbers.

True, real, genuine numbers.

The more precise, the more specific, the better.

Highlight how better your product is and give them a real sense of comparison. 11% thinner feels more real than 10% thinner.

Headlines. Headlines. Headlines.

On the web, people don't read. They scan.

On average, 5x as many people read the headline vs the rest of your page.

Use this to your advantage and exploit your headline by making it:

  • Short
  • Punchy
  • Eye-catching

Encourage Actions! "Just Do It"!

Drive action through words. Reading is not enough, you want to make sure people are encouraged to explore the next steps!

All my Friends Told Me About Social Proof!

Humans are social creatures. We are influenced by the behavior of others like us.

Social Proof is a form of social validation often used to overcome hesitancy before making a purchase.

Use Powerful CTAs by Clicking Here!

Great copywriting consists in convincing the reader to always take the next step!

Keep away from generic Call to Action. Rather, opt for a CTA detailing the step you want the user to undertake next.

0% risk, 100% assurance!

Many believe that by not addressing the risk at all, they avoid triggering the users' fears in the first place.

Nothing could be more wrong. People have a list of objections in their head that they need addressed and waived before they can commit to making a purchase.

Identify these objections and break them one by one to reassure the user, then present them with your killer CTA for optimal result!